What Childbirth Taught Me that Yoga Never Could

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Perhaps it’s because I’m pregnant myself that this article from Elephant Journal tugged at my heart strings.  I’ll share it in the hopes that you too find it interesting, informative and potentially moving.  After all, whether you have a child, intend to have a child, or not – we’ve all participated in the birthing experience.   The article’s raw honesty and its subject’s magnitude, yet also normality (for children are born every second around the world), brought tears to my eyes.  But that again could be the hormones talking… :)

Here is an excerpt from Kimberly Johnson’s

What Childbirth Taught Me that Yoga Never Could:

…my own experience of childbirth proved to me that there is indeed no preparation for childbirth. Birth does what yoga can only attempt to do-  to show us who we are in the raw, unadorned state- our complete power and vulnerability simultaneously.  Birth shows us our fragility, elicits humility and shows us that as much as we like to think so, we are not in control. As much as we plan everything, or plan nothing, we can be sure that things will not go exactly as we expected.

Find the full article at Elephant Journal.

4 Responses to “What Childbirth Taught Me that Yoga Never Could”

  1. Congratulations, Trish! Best wishes to you during you pregnancy, birth giving and motherhood. A total life transformer if there ever was one!

  2. Eileen says:

    It’s not just the hormones Trish, this article really is amazing. It is extremely difficult to describe the process of death and rebirth involved in having a baby, but Kimberley Johnson pulled it off. My favorite line was the following:

    “Our body literally splits open; one heart becomes two. In one magical moment, the veil between worlds lifts.”

    Amazing that such a common phenomenon is at the same time so transcendent.

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